Ipe Decking and Cumaru Brazilian Teak: Secret of Tropical Decorations


Now you have a chance to learn more about Ipe decking and Cumaru Brazilian Teak, accessing the best manual of this wooden products.

Ipe decking and Cumaru Brazilian teak are two of the best Indusparquet wooden products that you can buy to elegance, beautiful and tropical decorations.

In fact, Ipe decking is one of today’s most valuable products as it represents the toughest deck choice at world. A choice that traces the wild traits of Brazilian tropical woods.

Enjoy the excellent look that the dark brown color mixed with some warmer tones generate in constructions, be it in the internal or external parts.


The Ipe deck changes color over time, it gains a shade of gray that sets in the silver.

Super resistant against attacks of fungi, termites or even intense sunrays, heavy summer rains and snowstorms.


On the other hand, Indusparquet Cumaru Brazilian teak is also a very good choice for decorations or gardens, swimming pools, living room, whirlpool and any place you can imagine.

Cumaru Brazilian teak has a darker color combination than Ipe decking, but it also gains the trend after applying products to finish.

With much charm and sophistication, Cumaru Brazilian teak last for much of years. And you do not have to have too much work onto cleaning, just use a broom or vacuum cleaner.

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